La Veranda History

Historical reviews from Miguel Perez Martinez, thank you very much Miguel!

How many meals I have made in this room, the fireplace is like when I was a child, where the window was the oven, and through the door that has the curtain you accessed the bedroom of my parents and mine and my brothers.

Continuing in ascending order, today we have the cave of the Veranda, this cave is currently composed of the union of 4 caves, one of them is the one that I commented previously that it was owned by the Mateo family, the following is the one that is marked with a red arrow in the first photo, in this lived a family that I barely have memories of them, one of the sons was a bricklayer and was the one who made the plaster molding that has the fireplace that is adorned with figures of scallop shells, later it was inhabited by a son of Leandro I think it was Joaquín, (the vivillo), this had two carts and in the season of the prickly pears he went to Lorca and brought them loaded with these fruits and sold them in the area.

The one that is marked with the blue arrow, was from my parents, Antonio José and Julia, in it my sisters and I were born, this is the largest of the four, it has 10 rooms, the facades have changed a lot separated them from a corral that occupied approximately what is marked with the red line, and the window that marks the green arrow was the oven, It also corresponds to the second photo and next to the window that covers the pine tree there was a door that gave access to a few blocks.

The third photo corresponds to the cave of María la Matea and her husband José (el bizco), in it they lived with their children Fulgencio that we knew as (el Fluje), and Paqui, this cave was also separated from that of my parents by a corral that does not exist.

These caves were communicated by a path that has disappeared and that went above the caves of the Mateos with that of Gavillas, and another path that went up to the plain also nonexistent today.

I want to start with the cave further south of Fuente Nueva and I will go up in order until I reach the church.

In the first cave in the 50s lived the family of Uncle Gavillas, so it was always known as the cave of Gavillas, this family was composed of the marriage of which I do not remember the name, two children who lived with them, one was called Manolo, the other was lame and was known as the (lame sheavies), they also had a daughter but she did not live in Fuente Nueva, this cave is now owned by Lola la Matea, I have no photo of her the Mateos family have 4 caves there together and they have put a gate in the first and it was closed so I could not pass.

In the next property also of this family, she started to live when my cousin Ángeles and her husband Pepe Mateo got married.

In the third lived the marriage composed of Uncle José and Aunt Dolores (the Mateos), in this cave I take forward this marriage to their children Pedro Manuel or Pedro Miguel (I do not remember if it was one or the other name), María, Lola and Pepe, this cave is one of the few that are as I remembered them, It only lacks a passionflower plant that covered part of the façade and the pots of geraniums, corresponds to the first photo.

Above this there is another that corresponds to the one indicated with the red arrow of the following photo, in this lived Pedro Manuel and his family and next to another that today is no longer appreciated and that was from the same family and today is incorporated into the Veranda, the latter I never knew it inhabited, they used it as a warehouse, it had a large oven and on Christmas Eve in that oven my mother and the Mateos family and some other neighbors made Christmas sweets, mantecados, cookies, wine rolls, egg rolls, orange rolls, brandy donuts and some more, at that time the cave gave off aromas that I will never forget.

This photo was taken in Fuente Nueva about 1982, it is taken from the door of the cave La Veranda and in it you can see that something was still watered in the meadow and was full of life, if you see it on the big screen you can also see several trees that no longer exist, of the group of people unfortunately some are already missing. Greetings to all.

This photo was taken about 1982, it is the cave La Veranda before being restored, we had already been missing it for a few years and had dedicated it to the cultivation of mushrooms, it is appreciated that it was in a very bad state of conservation, the people who appear in it my mother, my aunt Anica and my wife.

My parents, those from Fuente Nueva, lived their youth and had their four children in what is now La Veranda, so I can only get excited when I see something of that place.