Useful Information

Dear guests and interested parties:

I am Christian the owner of the estate La Veranda.

I would like to tell you here some unusual aspects of staying in cave houses along with some of the special resources I have built into your cave apartments to ensure you have total comfort.

In the caves of La Veranda, man and animal have lived together for hundreds, perhaps even thousands of years. Water and electricity have only been available in Fuente Nueva for about 40 years, so of course the pipes had to be laid visibly and not every craftsman was talented in design. To change this is almost impossible without changing the specific character of a cave, moreover, this also made every craftsman despair today. The caves have been renovated umpteen times over the years, so with such a large property as La Veranda every overview is lost.

clear light bulb planter on gray rock
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Of course, I attach great importance to the safety comfort of my guests, so La Veranda and its rental apartments has been extensively renovated by me.

In order to ensure a constant water pressure and the constant availability of tap water, a large water tank with pump was installed to compensate for unevenness on the part of the water supply. In the course of this, a water filter system was also installed to make the water lime-free and to achieve optimal drinking water quality.

In order to ensure the constant power supply, a solar system, not visible to the guests, was installed, with very large batteries, also to make a great contribution to sustainability for the Andalusian environment.

In addition, a charging station for vehicles was built for the electric vehicles of the guests and of course my hybrid Jeep can be charged, free of charge with solar energy.

I look forward to seeing you soon!

Your host

Christian Mayer