Living In A Cave In The 1970’s

Living In A Cave In The 1970’s

19/03/2023 News 0
view on waterfront town from cave hole

Living in a cave in rural Spain in the 1970s would have been a very different experience from the modern world we know today. Spain was still recovering from the aftermath of the Spanish Civil War, and many rural areas were still quite impoverished. Here is what life might have been like for those living in a cave during this time.

Housing: The caves in rural Spain were often used as housing for people who couldn’t afford anything else. While it might seem strange to us today to live in a cave, it was a common way of life for many people in the region. Caves provided shelter from the elements and were often cool in the summer and warm in the winter. They also provided some degree of privacy and security.

Electricity and Water: Caves in rural Spain did not have access to modern amenities such as electricity and running water. This means that those living in the cave would have had to find alternative sources of light and heat, such as candles and fires. Water would have been fetched from nearby streams or wells, and it would have been necessary to boil it before drinking.

Food: Many people in rural Spain in the 1970s lived off the land. They grew their own vegetables and fruits, and raised their own livestock. Those living in caves would have had to find ways to preserve their food, such as smoking or salting meat, to ensure that it would last throughout the winter months.

Social Life: Living in a cave would have been a solitary existence. Those living in caves would have had to travel to nearby towns and villages to socialize and trade. They might have participated in traditional Spanish festivals and celebrations, which were often centred around the church.

Challenges: Life in a cave would not have been without its challenges. For example, there would have been no access to medical care, and illnesses and injuries could have been life-threatening. The lack of access to education and job opportunities could have also made it difficult for those living in caves to improve their situation.

In conclusion, living in a cave in rural Spain in the 1970s would have been a difficult way of life. While it may have provided some degree of shelter and privacy, it would have lacked many of the amenities and opportunities that we take for granted today. Despite the challenges, however, it is important to remember that many people in Spain during this time found joy and meaning in their daily lives, and were able to find ways to connect with their communities and the natural world around them.


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